The quilts we make should be a reflection of who we are. And the creation process itself should bring us joy. 

I'm driven to design no-fuss patterns that inspire and empower playful quilters. 

Whether you've been quilting for years or are just getting started, as you put the pieces of your quilt together, I hope you feel only delight. 

 Singer Featherweight


How It All Began

Picture a cozy quilt shop on a snowy Minnesota night. This was my life for nearly 10 years.

Alongside my mother-in-law, I learned to be an expert color matcher and picked up sewing tips from every teacher we hosted. With my long arm quilting machine, I grew to make a client’s quilt sing with a thoughtfully chosen design.

My son learned to walk at the shop, first by following me around and later by finding piles of fat quarters to pull off shelves. 

Baby on Quilt

Now my son is 9. He, my husband, our two dogs and I are enjoying life in Southern California. I’ve reestablished my quilting business here, and started creating original patterns to inspire and empower young (and young-at-heart) quilters.  

I hope you love what you find here. 

Tacy with Scaredy Cat PIllow


Connect with Tacy

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