Giving a Beloved Holiday a Refresh

Craving a Change

Since the pandemic began, it seems we've all been rethinking our lives in one way or another. This is especially true this Christmas season. I think we're all craving less busyness and deeper connections now more than ever.

In podcasts, web articles and social media posts, I'm seeing new ideas for refreshing traditions. Some people are avoiding stores this year for health reasons, or to opt out of the holiday chaos.

Others want to give extra special gifts so they are turning to handmade, either crafted by themselves or a local artist.  Some are focusing on more sustainable gifts by buying secondhand.

What does your Holiday look like this year?

Whatever change you're craving this year, it'll take a little creativity and probably some patience to redesign your Christmas.

While you're seeking ways to bring deeper meaning to your holiday, take the time to dust off your sewing machine. Pull out your favorite quilt pattern, or check out my pattern shop.

Sustainable, Thoughtful Gift-Giving

My quilt patterns can be downloaded instantly and printed at home. Most of them are scrap-friendly, so you can shop your stash to make a more sustainable gift. And of course, a handmade gift feels good for you and your loved one.

Instead of fighting crowds and traffic, let's all spend this weekend making our sewing machines hum. Doesn't that sound cozy?


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All the Quilts I've Loved and Lost

It can be so hard to part with a beautiful quilt. From choosing the fabrics, cutting and stitching the pieces, and watching the pattern emerge, we put a bit of ourselves into the quilt. 

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Plant Inspired Quilt Patterns

I've always been better at crafts than keeping plants alive. Maybe you can relate?

But last year changed that. Being cooped up inside an apartment during lockdown made me want to bring some outdoors in.

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Quilting from Crisis to Calm

Seeing this quilt stitch together has been like a deep cleansing breath again and again. 

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My Top 10 Quilts of 2020

But before we purge 2020 from our memories altogether, let's appreciate some of the shared good that has come from our collective challenges. I'm talking about quilts.

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Christmas All Year

"Next year I'll be ready for Christmas on time!" Sound familiar? Meet my newest pattern, a cutie you don't have to finish by Christmas. Let's share some holiday magic all year!

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Free Patterns for the Holidays

With the spirit of giving, I have a new energy to sew for my friends and family. But of course the projects need to be quick and cute. Take a look at these free quilt patterns you can download today.

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Our Response to Stress Needs an Update

You and I are quilt lovers. But we are so much more than that. We are the caretakers. The makers. The bringers-together.

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One Scrap Quilt Pattern, So Many Ways

When I write a new pattern, I love putting my vision into the hands of other quilters and seeing what happens. This is especially true when I ask them to use their quilt scraps, which is exactly what my Leftover Night pattern is designed for.

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Half-Square Triangles vs Floating Triangles

Like Half-Square Triangles, Floating Triangles can be used to make star points. But, they are so much more forgiving. This makes them perfect for beginning and carefree quilt making.

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