Would you love a special quilt made from scratch? Let's work together to make something completely custom and awesome.

Scroll below to check out the different types of quilts we can make together. We can create any size of quilt you need, but to give you an idea of what to expect for pricing, I've given approximate costs for lap-sized quilts below.

    Send me a message and let me know what you're dreaming of! I can't wait to partner with you to make your vision a reality!


    Memory Quilts

    t-shirt quilt  T-Shirt Quilt

    You know those shirts you or your kids don't wear anymore, but you can't bear to throw away? Pull that box out from the back of your closet and let me make your favorite clothing into a keepsake you'll cherish forever. A lap-sized memory quilt measuring around 60" - 70" will range from $250-400.


    Fan Art Quilts

    Overwatch Fan Art Quilt  Hello Kitty Fan Art Quilt  

    Let's make a personalized quilt for your home, with a tribute to your favorite pop culture icon. Each of the designs will be custom drawn and sewn with individual fabrics and threads. Lap-sized quilts measuring around 60" - 70" typically cost $350-600.


    Traditional Quilts

    Pink Navy baby quilt  Yellow Brick Road earth tones

    Quilting has a rich history with so many ways to piece together fabrics. We can use traditional quilt piecing to make you a custom masterpiece. You'll chose your color palate, and I'll suggest a few different piecing styles for you to choose from. Lap quilts can range from $250-400. 


    Quilts for Pets 

    Quilt for cat  Quilt for Cat

    Small and cuddly, these little quilts are just right for your special cat or dog. We'll choose colors and fabrics that perfectly complement your pet's personality. These quilts measure around 15" - 30" square, and range from $40-70.