Photo Pillow with Printable Fabric

Photo Pillow with Printable Fabric

Printable fabric is an amazing tool for your crafty arsenal. These cotton sheets slide through your inkjet printer and let you print any design onto fabric. For a silly white elephant gift, I turned a photo of a friend’s coworker into a pillow that stole the spotlight at the holiday party. See the finished result in the video below.

Follow these simple steps create a unique pillow of your own using printable fabric:

  • Prepare the photo on your computer
  • Print the photo
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove the paper backing, rinse off excess ink, and dry
  • Trim your fabric, remembering to include seam allowance
  • Sew on borders to create a ‘block’ the size of your pillow form plus seam allowance
  • Sew the pillow back. I like an overlapping ‘envelope’ style pillow back, but a zipper or hand-stitching the opening would work, too!
  • Stitch the pillow front and back together
  • Turn right-side out and stuff with a pillow form

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