Who's Cuter than Boo?

Who's Cuter than Boo?

Spooky. Cozy. Playful. Magical.

There are many different variations of Halloween, but “creepy romantic” is by far my favorite. Blame my six-year obsession with The Vampire Diaries. The show’s blend of “When I’m with her, I forget who I am” followed by “Stake her … rip her head off … something poetic” are hard for me to resist. 

But this year, I was craving a cute Halloween. Besides adoring Elena Gilbert and the Salvatore brothers, I’m a huge fan of Vuduberi. Her art is romantic with a dark side. And sometimes it’s impossibly adorable. 

So for my sweet Halloween, her enamel of a ghost chewing bubble gum was more than inspiring. She was kind enough to send me her design, and I made it into an applique pillow. It satisfied my craving.

And no blood banks were robbed in the process.

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