Look closely at a piece of fabric. What do you see?

The detail of the fibers, the pattern of the weave, the open spaces between the threads?

Loosely Held is designed to look like a close-up of a beautiful piece of fabric. The foundation paper-pieced stripes are like the threads that weave together to make the fabric.

This pattern is an invitation to play and create. Choose any colors to "weave" into the stripe. Make the stripes two-toned, chambray, rainbow or scrappy. It's up to you!

Now that you see what fabric looks like up close, you can create your own, from the fibers up.

And while you do, remember that life is as much about perspective as it is about what you thought was there.

About Loosely Held Quilt Pattern

  • Finished size is 56" x 63"
  • Pattern uses the Foundation Paper Piecing technique
  • Great for the beginner and experienced quilter
  • Instant digital download
  • Quilt pattern by Tacy Gray

How to Foundation Paper Piece

New to foundation paper piecing, or want a refresher? Visit How to Foundation Paper Piece the Easy Way for a video tutorial.