Whether you rocked your childhood, or feel your best is still ahead, Peaking Early brings you the best of both worlds in a fun and personalizable throw quilt.

Make your quilt high impact with bold fabrics, or blend the colors for a low volume effect.

Best of all, these blocks stitch up in a breeze. So go ahead. Peak early, and later, and again, and again...

About Peaking Early Quilt Pattern

  • Finished size is 40" x 40"
  • Perfect size for a throw quilt, child quilt, wall hanging, or baby quilt
  • Traditional quilt piecing techniques
  • Great for the beginner and experienced quilter
  • Instant digital download
  • Quilt pattern by Tacy Gray

Fabric/Layout Ideas for Peaking Early

  • Bold colored Peaks (darks) and a statement fabric for the Valleys (lights
  • Soft Valleys and big contrast through the center of the quilt
  • Choose one dark fabric for the Valleys and soft gradating fabrics for the Peaks