5-Step Cuddly Blanket

5-Step Cuddly Blanket

This kid has been a trooper lately, so I stayed up late to whip up a cozy blanket for him.

For low effort and huge impact, you can whip up one of these, too. All you need is a piece of Cuddle or Minkee, plus a fun cotton print. No batting, no quilting, no binding, no piecing…just cozy cuddles!


  • 1.5 yards of a cotton fabric

  • 1.25 yards of a coordinating Cuddle or Minkee fabric

Finished Size

  • About 44” x 54”


  1. Layer the fabrics right-side together


2. Trim the edges even and pin


3. Stitch around the outside edge, leaving an opening about 12"


4. Turn the blanket right-side out through the opening. Press the edges and pin the opening closed


5. Stitch around the blanket close to the edge, closing up the opening



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