Quilt Nirvana, Coming Right Up

Quilt Nirvana, Coming Right Up

Some clients have a specific vision for a quilting design, like Rossanna’s bat request. Others have no idea, so we partner up and design it together. And others glide in to my studio and tell me to have fun. When this comes from a repeat client, my smile brightens and I stand a little taller.

Debbie did just that with this pinwheel baby quilt. So I leaned in and played. Breezy lines anchor the seams between the pinwheels. The background triangles are softened with double petals, and the pinwheels were left to fly free.

If you think these pink pinwheels are pretty now … after this quilt is washed it will transcend. The backgrounds will recede, and the pinwheels will puff and rise when the batting does its antiquing thing.

Ahhhh. Namaste.

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