Single-Fold Bias Binding

Single-Fold Bias Binding

These instructions were created for my Overwatch Ornaments, but they can be used for any project using purchased double-fold bias tape for the edging.

1. Unfold the bias tape so you can work with only one layer. Starting at the top near the corner, sew one edge of the bias tape around the outside edge of the ornament.

If you’ll be stuffing your project, leave a 3” tail at the beginning, keep the top side of the project open, and leave a 6” tail at the end.

If you’re not stuffing the project, fold the end of your last tail under and overlap the beginning edge.

2. Refold the bias tape and wrap it around to the back. Stitch along the creased edge with a needle and matching thread. If you’ll be stuffing your project, remember to keep the top side of the project open.


3. If you’re stuffing your project, do that now. Hand sew the opening closed.

4. Using a needle and thread, sew the shorter tail of the bias tape across the top edge of the ornament (both front and back).

5. Sew the longer tail across the top of the ornament (it’ll overlap the first tail) and stop exactly halfway across the top. Stitch the front and back of the bias tape like you did earlier.


6. To make a hanging loop, fold the tail over to create a loop, and secure to the back of the ornament.



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