Congratulations, It's a Buoy!

Congratulations, It's a Buoy!

Sometimes quilters make quilts just because. This baby quilt has no recipient in mind, but when my client becomes a grandmother she'll have an adorable quilt all ready to go. Let's hope it's a buoy! (Err...boy...)

We decided these sailboats needed some cute custom designs. Waves in the borders were her idea, and I'm always a fan of loops in skinny borders. The contrasting white thread makes those loops really pop.

Making the sails look full of wind was easy with a scalloped echo. And the flower design on the blue squares echoes the design elements throughout the quilt.

And sometimes, as it goes, what ends up as a flower started out as a sun. 

Such a breezy, playful quilt. I hope it goes to a grateful recipient soon. Thanks so much, Debbie!

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