Crawl, Walk, Sew

Crawl, Walk, Sew

My son has always been surrounded by quilting. He was born during the time my quilt shop was open. As he learned to crawl, and then walk, he'd follow me around as I straightened, leaving a trail of fat quarters pulled proudly off shelves.

Now he's eight years old. He's been my inspiration for so many projects, but he's never been very interested in the process himself. Not until yesterday. 

He asked me to make bedding for his Pokémon for their “bunk bed” (the shelves in the headboard of his bed). He knew exactly what he wanted. So we spent the day together making two blankets, two reversible mattresses, and two pillows.

He took the measurements, chose the fabric, and designed the appliqué crown. I did the cutting and sewing, while he turned and stuffed. I'm sure it took longer than he expected, but he was amazed with how nice they turned out.




Will this be the beginning of his interest in sewing? And if he does decide he wants to sew, will I ever get to use my sewing machine again?? I guess only time will tell!

I can't wait to find out.


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