Five Ways to Hang Quilts in Your Modern Home

Five Ways to Hang Quilts in Your Modern Home

When I enter a home for the first time, I look for quilts. More than artwork or furniture, quilts tell me so much about my host. Do they cherish history, do they want their guests to curl up, do they value handmade? How do they want me to feel when I step into their home? 

Though many people think of traditional décor when they think of decorating with quilts, modern-style homes can also benefit from the warmth and texture quilts bring.

A bold, modern quilt can speak volumes. Especially when it’s hung in a clean and modern way. Whether you've made it, inherited it or discovered it, display your favorite quilts like an expert while staying true to your style.

Method 1: Curtain Rod with a Hanging Sleeve

With the clean look of a curtain rod, your quilt will be the star of a room. You can hide the rod behind the quilt, or let the finials peek out. 

quilt with hanging sleeve 

 How to Make a Quilt Hanging Sleeve: 

  1. Add the sleeve after the quilt is quilted and trimmed, but before you attach the binding.
  2. Cut a piece of fabric 6” high by the width of your quilt. 
  3. Fold the short ends toward the wrong side 1” and press.  
  4. Sew ½" from these folded edges to create hems. 
  5. Fold in half the long way and press. Your sleeve will now be 3” high.

    quilt hanging sleeve
  6. Center the sleeve on the back of the quilt, along the top edge, with all raw edges aligned. Pin in place. 

    quilt hanging sleeve
  7. Stitch in place close to the top raw edge with a basting stitch (about 4mm long). 
  8. Attach the quilt binding as usual. 
  9. With a needle and thread, use a tacking stitch to attach the bottom folded edge of the sleeve to the quilt. Make sure your stitches don’t show on the front of the quilt. 
  10. Slide the curtain rod through the sleeve and hang the rod on the brackets. (Remember to secure the brackets with drywall anchors if the wall studs aren’t where you need them.)
hanging sleeve on quilt

    Method 2: Curtain Rod with Drapery Clips 

    Want a breezy no-sew option? A curtain rod is a modern-looking way to hang your quilts, and it’s so easy. Added bonus: this method allows the quilt some gentle movement in a breeze. 

    hang quilt with curtain clips

    Purchase a curtain rod the same width as your quilt, and buy enough matching drapery clips to support your quilt. You want enough clips that the quilt won’t sag between them. Start with one clip every twelve inches and add more if needed, depending on the weight of the quilt.   

    Method 3: Corner Pockets with a Wooden Dowel 

    For small quilts, you can sew corner pockets into the back of the quilt and hang the quilt with a wooden dowel. You can find wooden dowels at most hardware stores. Choose a dowel around 1/2” in diameter. 

    quilt with rod pocket corners

    How to Make Corner Pockets: 

    1. Add the corner pockets after the quilt has been quilted and trimmed, but before the binding.
    2. Cut two squares 3” x 3”.  
    3. Fold in half diagonally and press, creating two triangles. 
    4. Align the triangles in the top corners on the back of the quilt. 
    5. Stitch in place with a basting stitch (about 4mm long). 
    6. Attach the binding as usual. 
    7. Cut a wooden dowel to the width of the quilt. Slide the dowel into the pockets. Hang the dowel on hook screws or removable wall hooks. 

    quilt with rod pocket corners

    Method 4: Decorative Tacks 

    Decorative thumbtacks are quick and easy, and they leave very small holes in the wall. (Bonus for renters!) This is a great option for smaller quilts. Push one tack through each corner and add enough spaced across the quilt that it won’t sag between tacks. 

    hang quilt with tacks

    Method 5: Inside a Decorative Frame 

    To elevate the artistry of a quilt, hang it inside a decorative frame. You can use thumbtacks to attach the quilt to the back side of the frame.  

    hang quilt in art frame

    display quilt in frame 

    Hang Your Modern Quilts Like an Expert 

    Your favorite quilts are an expression of who you are. Showcase them like a pro in a modern way that suits your home and your decorating style. 

    Want any of these quilts for yourself? Grab the patterns and start creating.

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