One Scrap Quilt Pattern, So Many Ways

One Scrap Quilt Pattern, So Many Ways


When I write a new pattern, one of the things I love best is putting my vision into the hands of other quilters and seeing what happens.

Suddenly my pattern blossoms into something I never imagined.

Together we create something completely new and unique. 

This is especially true when I ask them to use their quilt scraps, which is exactly what my Leftover Night pattern is designed for! 

As my friends started sending me their versions, each one blew me away. They burst with personality and remind me why I love each of these quilters. 


Scrap Quilt v1: Earthy and Warm 

I've quilted dozens of Anne's quilt tops, so I know her style well. She sticks with an autumn color theme: golds, browns, greens, and creams. Her Leftover Night scrap quilt shows off some of her favorite stash fabrics. 

Can you just smell the fall leaves and hot apple cider?

Anne's Scrappy Quilt


Scrap Quilt v2: Classic Blue and White 

Colleen chose a blue and white palate for her Leftover Night quilt. Because she picked out several different blues and creams, the end result is crisp yet blended. So classy, Colleen!

Blue and white scrap quilt


Scrap Quilt v3: Starry Night 

Rossanna had a couple bold turquoise prints in her quilt stash. I helped her find two other fabrics to go with it. To make the most of her favorite print, we reversed the lights and darks. The end result is like stars in the night sky. 

She and Bonnie teamed up to make this quilt for Bonnie's granddaughters. 

Turquoise and Navy scrap quilt


Scrap Quilt v4: Rainbow Explosion

Pink may be my favorite color, but I like to play with others, too. I found these bright fabrics in my stash. My Leftover Night quilt is full of energy and diversity.

Rainbow scrap quilt

One Scrap Quilt Pattern ... Endless Possibilities 

What colors jump out when you look at your own quilt stash? Pull out a group of your favorites and get ready to show them off in a brand new way. Then grab your copy of my Leftover Night pattern drops very soon!

I can't wait to see what your scrappy Leftover Night will look like!

Scrap quilts


Hi, Liz. A rainbow quilt from your stash sounds like fun! How ever you want to create some contrast is up to you. My pattern calls for you to use lights from your stash for the background. I hope that helps!
Not much experience but would like to try a rainbow quilt with my stash. However it does seem that i will need white or cream as well. is this correct please.?
Sharron Walker
Sharron Walker
they are all gorgeous

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