Tend and Friend

Our Response to Stress Needs an Update

We all know the fight-or-flight response to stress and danger.

And we’ve seen a lot of the fight side lately. It looks like division, hatred, arrogance, bullying, shouting without listening. 

But what if we aren’t doomed to either fight or flee? What if we have another option?  

tend and befriend

When faced with fear, we can also respond by taking care of each other and spending time together. This response is called "Tend and Befriend.” 

You and I are quilt lovers. But we are so much more than that. 

We are the caretakers.  

The makers.  

The bringers-together.

We’ve been taught our entire lives that the way to get ahead is to conquer, destroy and dominate. But we don't believe this. 

We can tend and befriend.

We can encourage the people around us. We can embrace our similarities and celebrate our differences. We can help each other.

Even those who don't agree with us. 

Because power is not a finite resource to be hoarded. Power is infinite. It grows as we work together to bring meaningful change to the world. 

Be a voice for good with me, by making and giving and nurturing and caring. 

Let’s show the world how powerful kindness can be. 


P.S. To learn more about Tend and Friend, read this. And listen to this. And definitely read this.

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