Quilting Through the Quarantine

Quilting Through the Quarantine

And we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic. The stories of sickness and death from COVID-19, combined with the boredom of social distancing, have been hard for me to reconcile. I truly hope that each of you are -- first -- safe and healthy -- and second -- finding ways to relieve anxiety.  

For those of you who (like me!) are quilting through the crisis, I am here to help you finish your quilts with my long arm and binding servicesTo support social distancing guidelines, I have a new procedure for you to safely send me your quilt tops. 

Simple steps to send me a quilt top:

  1. Box up your quilt top and backing fabric (and binding fabric)

  2. Log in or create an account at USPS.com

  3. Choose "Click-N-Ship" 

  4. Fill in the required details

  5. Print your shipping label

  6. Schedule a pick-up. Leave it at your front door for contact-free pick-up 

When I'm finished with your quilt, I'll ship it back using the same method. I'm currently accepting payment via check by mail, Venmo, or PayPal. During the quarantine, I'll cover the return shipping costs.

So let's make some quilts together! Contact me for an email or phone consultation, and we'll make some beauty during this strange time.


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