Quilts That Do Good

Quilts That Do Good

Once a quilter, always a quilter.

Even though we we sometimes tuck away our sewing machines for a while, quilters always seem to return to quilting.

Sometimes our passions pull us in different directions, and we have to choose between quilting and the other things we care about.

(Think gardening in the spring instead of quilting, baking nonstop the week before Christmas, or chasing after our kids or grandkids for a few years until they start school.)

But sometimes we get lucky, and our passions come together.

Upcycled Quilts

My newest quilting adventure is doing just that. It combines quilting, my kids, and helping the environment all at the same time.

We call it "Sewing Up Together."

Upcycled Quilts

These quilts have been made entirely from fibers rescued from the landfill.

Upcycling existing fabrics reduces water usage, carbon emissions, and potentially even deforestation.  

And my boys and I are creating these together.

upcycled quilts   upcycled quilts

I've done the quilting, binding, some of the piecing, and the cutting. My 10-year-old helps with the math and the piecing and keeps track of the finances. And my 6-year-old is our creative consultant and lead conversationalist :)

My boys and I would be honored if you claimed one or two to bring into your home or to share with your friends and family.
Upcycled Quilts

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