Tame Your Scraps with Easy Improv Piecing

Tame Your Scraps with Easy Improv Piecing

How big is your fabric stash?

Really. How big is it?

The fabrics we buy are so beautiful and beloved. Even after the project is finished, leftover pieces are hard to let go of.

Our best intentions of sewing the scraps into a quilt often stay an afterthought.

And when we do decide to tackle our stash, patterns designed to use scraps can be fussy and time-consuming. 

But what if you could use up any scrap, any size, and the process was fun and quick? 

Let me tell you about my method for no-fuss improv piecing!

No-Fuss Improv Piecing

The secret is to use a foundation fabric.

When you sew your strips onto a foundation fabric, your scraps can be any size. Just keep adding strips until the foundation fabric is covered, then trim the block to the size you want.

My new pattern Scrap Tamer uses this improv piecing method.

See Scrap Tamer

The possibilities with this flexible pattern are endless! Any combination of colors, and all scrap sizes are welcome.

 All About That Stash

Get ready to turn your stash into something worth bragging about. I can't wait to see how you tame your wild scraps into something amazing!


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