Life But How You Want It

Life But How You Want It

I used to think I was not very good at life. 

Especially as a young adult. I would always rather read a book than do sports. I like being alone. I’d rather thrift for (or make) an outfit than buy one off a mannequin. 

Career-wise too. I wanted to be a writer my entire life until my first college writing class. I worked in hospitality, sold lingerie, opened a quilt shop, closed the quilt shop, sold sewing machines, did a little more hospitality, then worked in marketing which turned into customer support and then user design. 

Not even remotely a straight line. 

By now, in my forties, I’ve embraced the pivots. Because those are the things that make my life interesting. That make me interesting. 


A Quilt that Imitates Life

My new quilt pattern, Misguided, I guess is like my life. Go one way, see how it goes, try another way, and another. After several turns, you have a beautiful life.

A beautiful quilt. 

Even the design of this quilt took iterations. My first attempt at the arrow pattern didn’t turn out the way I envisioned, so I tried again, and again. Until it found its way to something I loved. 


Misguided by Tacy Gray

And here it is! The changing direction of the arrows point to all the pivots in life and all the iterations in the design. I hope you enjoy it, whichever direction you take it. 



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