The Perfect Batting for your Quilt

The Perfect Batting for your Quilt

When you hire me as your long arm quilter, you have batting options! Chat with me to see which premium batting will bring out the best in your quilt.

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Premium Batting Options

The quilting process gives a quilt top life and depth. The batting you choose makes all the difference. Bring your quilt to a whole new level of luxury with my premium batting options.

All Natural Cotton

100% Cotton batting from Quilters Dream is my favorite go-to batting. It’s soft and strong, staying cozy through endless washes. The high quality lets me quilt as close together or far apart as I want, so I can give your quilt exactly the quilting design it needs. Plus, the white color of the batting keeps your light fabrics bright.

Care for your Quilt cotton batting

Dream Wool

Give your quilt extra drama and texture with Dream Wool batting. Wool is wrinkle resistant (toss your quilt in the dryer on cool to re-fluff any time). Wool batting wicks away moisture for a breathable warmth. Quilters Dream Wool is clean and durable. It adds a special touch to that special quilt.

Caring for your Quilt wool batting

Layer for Luxury

Want the absolute best for your quilt? Layering Cotton and Wool batting gives you an irresistible cuddle. Both battings together are the ultimate quilt decadence.

Caring for your Quilt cotton and wool batting


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