The Joy of Hard Work

The Joy of Hard Work

My six-year-old son started his first basketball clinic. In true 'mom' form, I've been preaching the importance of practicing. Even though he's picking it up quickly, I want him to take that natural ability and strengthen it. 

Working hard is how he'll become genuinely good at it. And, more importantly, working hard is how he'll grow to love it.

Because the thing that comes easy is never as rewarding as rising to the challenge -- whether you're training your body to dribble a basketball, developing an eye for color, or re-sewing mitered borders until you figure out why they keep coming out wrong.

Think of the quilt you're in the middle of. You chose the fabrics, carefully cut every piece, and spent hours sitting at your sewing machine. When your quilt top is fully assembled, step back and look at it, and be proud. You worked hard, and it shows.

Don't you love it?

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