All the Quilts I've Loved and Lost

All the Quilts I've Loved and Lost

It can be so hard to part with a beautiful quilt. From choosing the fabrics, cutting and stitching the pieces, and watching the pattern emerge, we put a bit of ourselves into the quilt.

As quilt makers gifting a quilt, it's our blessing and our struggle. And it's mine, too, as a long arm quilter.

As I press each quilt and pin the pieces onto my long arm machine, it speaks to me. It tells me what design and thread color it wants, and I quilt each one into their best version.

So sometimes it's hard to let them go home.

Here are some of my favorite quilts from the last couple months. All have been pieced by my talented clients, and quilted by me.

quilt swirl


French Roses with custom quilting


Beach houses with custom quilting  Beach houses with custom quilting


farmhouse quilt with custom quilting  farmhouse quilt with custom quilting    


Now is the time to bring your quilt tops to me for quilting before Christmas. As with every quilt, I'll listen closely to what it wants to become, and give you back a completed masterpiece.

Request a free consult, and I'll see you soon.

I can't wait to fall in love with your quilt.

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