Fall is for Family

Fall is for Family


My family and I have been quarantining pretty hard since the schools shut down in March.  

For over 6 months now, two adults, a 9-year-old, a 5-year old, and our two dogs have been living every aspect of life in our tiny Southern California apartment. 

There is no doubt we are lucky to have a safe place to shelter in while the virus runs its course. I know not every family is this lucky. 

All this closeness has been nice, for the most part. 

But I’ve realized this past week that though we have plenty of time together, we’ve lost a lot of the fun of being a family. 

No adventures to amusement parks, beaches, playgrounds, or even out to dinner. 

The pool in our community has opened up by reservation with limited capacity. To reclaim some fun moments, I’ve been taking the boys swimming on weekends.

Here they are, tangled in noodles:

free quilt block pattern for fall

As we walk the quarter mile to the pool, we fall into a pattern. My 9-year-old trots ahead. His eagerness and independence put him in the lead.  

Our 5-year-old wants desperately to be big, but he also needs someone to tell his every thought and observation to. So he bounces between trying to keep up with his big brother and hanging back with me. 

And I follow behind, steady and efficient, keeping everyone safe and on the right path. 

The three of us form a line like a family of geese in the spring. 

As much as we need a variety of activities to keep family life fulfilling, the variety of our personalities make our family life rich and interesting. 

Free Flying Geese Family Quilt Block Pattern

My block for October’s Quilt Block Mania embraces the beautiful complexity of family life. 

Download “Flying Geese Family,” my free block pattern. Then make a full quilt with 28 other free block patterns from the #QuiltBlockMania crew (below). 

Be healthy and have a happy fall. 

26 Free Quilt Block Patterns for Your Next Fall Quilt  

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26 Free quilt block patterns


That block is a perfect representation of what you’ve described about your walk. Once the pool closes, I hope there is a nearby park to take nature walks or something else to keep the days family oriented.
Lori Smanski
Lori Smanski
this is a wonderful way to look at family dynamics. our two were like your two only reversed in age. funny how this happens. but this also is what makes them who they are as adults which is pretty cool when I look at my two and my sisters two. great adults
Thank you so much for sharing!

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