Stars on Fire

Stars on Fire

As new clients become regulars, I love seeing the range of the quilts they bring me. Some stick to the same color family. Some prefer one style of fabrics. Others are explorers. 

Sandy surprises me every time. With one quilt, she plays with a new group of colors. With the next, she tackles a new technique. 

Choosing a quilting design for each is a challenge. But she always has a vision, and we work together to decide on just the right design.

The stars in this quilt are made up of diamonds. The diamonds are made up of paper pieced strips. Her fabrics are fiery. They blend from bold raspberry to hot yellow to intense blue and back again. All these colors are set off by a black background.

It’s a striking quilt.

We decided on black swirls on the black background (the sky). Wavy lines on the stars give the illusion of light beams bursting outward. 

This quilt is from a few years ago, and this is my only picture. But it’s one of my favorites so I had to share. Hope you love it as much as I do.


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