My Top 10 Quilts of 2020

My Top 10 Quilts of 2020

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Remember Y2K?

How there was a chance the digital world would come crashing down when computer calendars reset the year to '00? And then everything was fine?

Let me just say that ringing in 2021 felt even better than 2000!

But before we purge 2020 from our memories altogether, let's appreciate some of the shared good that has come from our collective challenges:

  • Slowing down has forced many of us to rethink our values, and end up happier.
  • Many of our strong relationships have grown even stronger.
  • A lot of us have a renewed commitment to saving money in case of emergency.
  • Most of us have found more time to spend with family, reading, and working on other projects.

I hope some of these have been true for you. They definitely have been for me.

Most of the extra projects I've been lucky to work on have been quilts. And so, here are my top 10 quilts of 2020. 


1. Work of Heart Mini Quilt

Sometimes, when you make a project, it turns out even better than you imagined. My Work of Heart pattern was like that. 

The rainbow version was so well-liked that I made a Christmas version, too. 

If you haven't grabbed your copy of this pattern yet, download it free here.

Work of Heart mini quilt pattern   Christmas mini quilt pattern


2. 12 Days of Christmas Block of the Month

Pre-Christmas can get hectic. And there are so many cute holiday quilts to make! What's a quilter to do?? So I designed a Christmas block of the month, to let us enjoy the magic of Christmas all year together. 

The blocks all use foundation paper piecing.

 Eleven more cuties on the way! Come share the magic.

Christmas BOM block of the month pattern   foundation paper piece BOM block of the month pattern


3. Mandalorian Mini Quilt

Here's a commission piece I made for a Star Wars fan's birthday, who is also a graphic designer. I took his image of the Mandalorian helmet, turned it into an applique pattern, and stitched it onto a 12" square. 

Hand quilting rows add a rustic texture and make the sleek helmet seem to rise out of the quilt.

This is the way.

Mandalorian mini quilt   Mandalorian quilt


4. Baby Panel Quilt

Proof that no quilt is too small for gorgeous custom quilting.

I gave the star rows fancy treatment, with waves on the borders and swirls on the panel background.

As a quilter, I love how the texture shows on the Minkee. The front of this quilt is adorable, but I can't stop staring at the back 👀

Custom long arm quilting   Custom long arm quilting


5. Leftover Night

A stash busting quilt for every personality!  My Leftover Night pattern uses fool-proof floating triangles and comes in 5 sizes. 

Scrap quilt pattern   scrap quilt pattern


6. Wobbly Tree 

With or without a Christmas flair, my Wobbly Tree pattern was well-liked this year. This simple pattern is great for the beginning paper piecer.

foundation paper piece tree quilt pattern  foundation paper piece quilt pattern


7. Triangle Burst

A dramatic lap quilt (and a trusting client) made for a perfect playground for some fun custom quilting.

custom long arm quilting   custom long arm quilting


8. Sew Big Growth Chart Quilt

In all the craziness of living in pandemic and social unrest, cherishing our family and children has been a uniting theme. 

My Sew Big Growth Chart Quilt pattern is a colorful reminder to savor the precious moments.

growth chart quilt  growth chart quilt


9. Wavy Grassy Greens

Another popular quilt off my long arm. Thanks to my client's beautiful color selection, this quilt seems to move as you look at it.

My quilting design blends the colors together and adds to the soft, cool, leafy feel of the quilt.

custom long arm quilting   custom long arm quilting


10. Breezy Charm Quilt

Sometimes a simple, quick project is just what we need to unwind the stress of the day (or week or year).

This year, I designed Breezy Charm Quilt, a throw pattern for your 5" squares. It's free for you to download free and whip up something cute.

free quilt pattern


So 2020 wasn't all a bust. Here's to cherishing the good and looking ahead to even better.

Be healthy, stay connected.



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Michelle Cooper
Michelle Cooper
I love your heart mini quilt!❤️❤️❤️ We picked your “Work at Heart” quilt pattern for a swap theme. Can’t wait to create it!

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